thoughts on trump

I am having more first thoughts about Donald Trump.

  • Our president does not appear to be bright or energetic; he seems to be ignorant and inconsistent.
  • Although Trump promised us the "best people," he has placed ignorant people in key positions of power.
  • I certainly don't want to make our government less efficient.

Here is a man failing to struggle with, let alone struggle successfuly with, or even see his limitations. [2-18]

I am struggling to see this man as mildly competent.
There is no clever way to phrase this. Even if it not dangerous, and it may be, it is very sad.
This also makes me nearly impossible to see his folowers as human, except in the "all-too" sense. [2-17]

Wow! Trump is making America great again by creating protests that reinvigorate American values. [1-30]

Day 9: What an ignorant fucking stupid asshole! [1-29]

Day 8: What an ignorant fucking asshole! [1-28]

Day 7: What a fucking asshole! [1-27]

In his first week, Trump has put on an appealing show of decisiveness, but sadly also demonstrated his foolishness, ignorance, stubbornness, recklessness, and an unwarranted faith in his personal intuitions, in spite of what reasons, facts, prudence and charity may counsel. [1-26]

Now we will see how the US Government, in its present incarnation, works with an idiot at the head. And one that appeals largely to small impulsive minds. [1-22]

Four years of this?

We have never seen anything like this. The question is, will this be good or bad?
(And here we might expect a range of outcomes.)

Patriotism and nationalism.
Because that has worked so well in the past? [1-20]

the Run-Up

The election is actually a way of NOT thinking about any of the problems actually facing the US and the world.

What does it even mean to "make America great", now, again, or ever?

This is not a debate. It is more like Professional Wrestling.

I cannot imagine anyone will change their minds tonight. They will just feel bad or glad depending on how their candidate performs.

I know people who will vote for Trump. I cannot imagine any responsible way they would come to that conclusion. They best I can do is that they are frustrated by the current political climate, and they do not think electing a somewhat ignorant buffoon will do any damage and be somewhat entertaining.

I worry they are wrong about the "no damage" part.

We're not voting on the facts.

The name-calling and flaw-finding is all great fun, and who does not like comedy? Shouldn't we be talking about issues facing Earthians?
Or deep down do we think it's all out of control anyway?
But then shouldn't we be talking about that?

In all the hooplah, we tend to forget how little this or any election matters.
NO ONE, and certainly not Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, knows how to create jobs, unify a nation, make a nation great, and make the world a safe place.

A question of conscience: would you vote for Trump if he were running as a Democrat?

If nothing else we should recognize the appeal of a Trump is not intellectual, but one of frustrations and magical-thinkings. A savior is coming. Assess will be kicked. Diversity of opinions, and stultifying complexities, will be ignored.

The Trump candidacy is the anti-canary in the cage; if it does not die it will be a death-knell for the intelligence of the US electorate.

It is sad, even depressing, how many of my fellow people, are willing to follow Trump in spite of:

  • His indifference to facts
  • His vague and nonsensical slogans
  • His lack of any specific plans for accomplishing his goals
  • The inability of any president to accomplish much in a government designed with checks-and-balances

Where, and why, do we get the idea that one does not need to think, or study the issues, in order to vote? As Mencken wrote, it does give "dignity," but at what costs?

The Never-Ending Election.

In this election the conservative choice is Hillary.

It is also true about democracy: you do not get to elect the president.

The people have spoken. What a cacophony!

It is silly and foolish to think that electing new officials will solve any problems. If anything the ship, heavily loaded with the accumulations of history, gets a slight nudge to change directions,

Why do we slide so easily into insulting people who disagree with our politics?

"Who do you want for President?" is the wrong question.

Why can't presidential candidates just sit down and have a chat?

I hate Trump's slogan: Make America great again! Most of the reasons I do (and it goes beyond reasons) have been said here and here.
More sad is that it's all been said and it doesn't make any difference. If politics were a rational pursuit, valid objections would serve to modify the initial assertions. This is an appeal to the irrational.

"Oh but we understand this." Really? What exactly is it you understand?

"Democracy is the pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance." — H.L. Mencken

No president will make you happy.

The Presidential Debates take our minds away from the problems actually facing America in the world — for nearly two years!

In watching the debates we substitute love of competition and obsession with personalities, for love of wisdom and truth.

This is a slow-motion election.

As a "liberal" (whatever that means, and I can't say I know, or even believe this a useful way of thinking about myself) I take much schadenfreude in seeing the Republican leadership twist in the wind now that Trump has made them lose the lock-step.

The current election is entertaining, though I doubt that is a good way to judge elections.
All sorts of things are entertaining to the human "mind" if that is not too noble a word for this aspect of human existence.

But it is already taking far too long. I would like to binge watch Election Sixteen and move on.

(and from before...)

Elections are among the worst part of what we call "democracy."

Given that no one knows the future, how can we be so cock-sure about our political positions? Is it a misplaced sense of the importance of decisiveness?

Give us back our country! Give us back our youth! Give us back the good looks we never had!

We have no more control over world and the way it's going then we have over the fact we are going to die.

A lot of news is office politics, government office politics.

When I am feeling very optimistic, I think that it is merely inexpedient for politicians to be intelligent.

Can democracy work if most people are ignorant assholes?
Perhaps all that matters is that people thinks it works.